Our Process

What does it mean to work with us?

Both you and your business are unique and we get that.


That is why we utilize a 3-step process to ensure that we are understanding and acting on what is most important to you. We believe business coaches should help business owners increase the value of their businesses and life satisfaction by empowering them with options. Through understanding your authentic self and business values, priorities, circumstances, and aspirations, we will help you create new opportunities for both yourself and your business.

Step 1: The Value Builder Score: What’s Your Number?

Your business is likely worth more than your home or your investment portfolio. But unlocking your business’ value can be tricky. For you to successfully exit your business, someone must want to buy the company you have created. That is where The Value Builder Score comes in. Complete the 13-minute Value Builder Score questionnaire, and you will receive your overall score along with your performance on the eight key drivers of value – each one of which is statistically proven to be important to buyers.


Step 2: The Value Builder Assessment: What does your score mean?

Next, we’ll sit down and review your score. The Value Builder assessment enables you to view your company as a prospective purchaser would see it, and to identify how you perform on each of the eight key drivers of company value. At the end of our meeting, you will get a customized 27-page report outlining how you performed and where you can improve the value and salability of your company.


Step 3: The Value Builder Engagement: What now?

The Value Builder Engagement is a methodology designed to improve your Value Builder Score and with it, the value of your business. Each month, you will meet one-on-one with a member of our team who will work with you through one of the twelve modules specifically designed to improve the value of your company. Learn More >

What is the Value Builder Score?

What does a Value Builder Engagement look like?

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